QlikView is a market-leading BI tool that gives you instant access to your data. Out with the reams of static reports and in with concise, informative dashboards and analyses that promote cooperation across company lines and give you the power to conveniently select and analyse data all on your own.

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guided analysis

A simple way to analyse data from the big picture all the way down to the last detail.


accessing the App

It’s just as easy and intuitive to run analyses in QlikView as it is to use your mobile phone. You can forget about manuals and tiresome courses.



Designed for all operating systems, so you can use whatever device you’re most comfortable working with.



Extremely fast response times for even very large data volumes, including big data. Combine, refine or divide the data so it suits your needs exactly.


search feature

Search for and work with just the data you need – nothing else.



Make your messages sharp as a tack with data visualisation.


gives you
instant access

to your data


  1. Concise, informative dashboards and analyses

  2. Cooperation across company lines

  3. Easy access to select and analyse data on your own



an encyclopaedia
at your fingertips

Without QlikView, it is easy to drown in piles of reports. QlikView gives you the freedom to analyse issues in detail with your own data and come up with quick answers instead of having to wait on your IT department to provide you with a new report.

Regardless of your user level, you have got the most intuitive, user-friendly BI tool right in your hands. With a few clicks, you get an overview of exactly what you need. This means you increase your productivity and can make good, sound decisions based on facts instead of intuition.

With QlikView, you do not need to be a power user to create stunning models and robust analyses based on large data volumes. But if you are a power user, you can add data to your models and analyses from a variety of different sources, such as Excel, ERP systems or data warehouses.

effective collaboration
throughout the organisation

QlikView puts the spotlight on collaboration and sharing throughout the organisation. This means you can collaborate with your colleagues in real time regardless where you’re located. This enables new collaborative efforts in your company across different departments and countries.

When you access QlikView over the internet, you can use any kind of device. At the same time, you can design your dashboards so they fit your business’s corporate identity and ensure consistency across national borders.

At Inspari, we have a lot experience banging the drum and getting employees to buy in to the many opportunities for collaboration QlikView offers. Just ask our business consultants if you’re thinking about adopting new QlikView features.



At Inspari, we have extensive knowledge of QlikView.

  • 2011 Qlik Partner of the Year, Denmark
  • 2014 Qlik Partner of the Year, Denmark
  • 2017’s Only Danish Qlik Elite Solution Provider

Our consultants have extensive experience and some of them are certified Qlik developers. With Inspari, you are not just getting a technological solution when you choose QlikView. You also get the benefits of our consultants’ technical skills and business acumen. This adapts the solution to your business needs, adding maximal value.

this is why you should
choose inspari


We help our customers choose the right front-end tools.

We are independent and carry several competitive products, so we are free to recommend the front-end tools that best suit our customers’ needs. In order to better identify these needs, we’ve created the Front-End Index. This is a proprietary tool with a process that enables us to rate and evaluate the different options on the market based on the needs of our individual customers.

We make sure you get the most out of all your data sources, especially your data warehouse. The solution is easy to roll out to a large number of users in multiple departments and countries. At the same time, we can implement QlikView on top of your existing BI, adding powerful complementary functionality to your existing solution, including traditional BI software like Cognos, Hyperion and Business Objects.

apply best practice

to your dashboards

See how you can provide your users with a great overview and insights into your data by using the correct graphs and visual effects.

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