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Microsoft SQL Server is Microsoft’s business intelligence and data warehouse platform that can help you gain greater insight into your company’s data with faster results. There are a number of services incorporated in the platform that you can take advantage of and you can, of course, select just the services that you need.



microsoft sql server

a data warehouse platform 

All your company’s data in one place. Microsoft SQL Server is built to handle even the largest applications.

integration services

Microsoft’s ETL implementation quickly and easily collects and transforms all the source data in your data warehouse.


analysis services

Support for multi-dimensional OLAP cubes or SSAS tabular models. Choose the solution that best suits your company’s data.

reporting services

Design your own reports and send them as PDFs or access them via a web browser.


master data services

The option to manage your key data yourself and set up rules to ensure data quality.


master data

Master Data Services lets you manipulate master data and ensure the quality of data. Master data is defined as the company’s key data. SQL Server Master Data Services offers you a simple method for managing your business’s data. This can involve, e.g. employees, accounts, products, etc.

At the same time, Master Data Services can ensure your company’s data conforms to a high level of quality. The service is often used when implementing Integration Services, where data from different sources needs to be assembled while maintaining the quality of data.

the microsoft analytics
platform system 

The Microsoft Analytics Platform System (previously called the Parallel Data Warehouse [PDW]) lets you manipulate large amounts of data. The solution is a next-generation platform built to run your data analyses quickly while scaling your storage from a couple of terabytes to over 6 petabytes.

The Microsoft Analytics Platform System is sent to your data centre as a single unit with hardware and software pre-installed and pre-configured for maximum performance. MAPS is not just fast and scalable, it is also designed with a high degree of redundancy and availability, which makes it a reliable platform that you can trust for your most mission-critical data.

reporting services

Reporting Services makes it possible to design, adapt, manage and deliver routine reports with information from different data sources. These can be paper-based, PDF, interactive, web-based, embedded or ad hoc reports. Reporting Services does not require a separate licence since it is a part of Microsoft SQL Server.

  • When you need to distribute reports over the internet or via email to many users.
  • When you need to create operational reports or lists.
  • When you need to design reports for subscribers.
  • When you need mass distribution via email.

microsoft integration

Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services is the tool used for the ETL process. The solution is an important tool whenever data needs to be copied and transferred from the organisation’s source systems to data warehouses and data marts.

Integration Services makes it possible to retrieve data from accounting systems or Excel files etc. so you can ensure your data is accessible whenever and wherever you need it.

microsoft analysis

Microsoft Analysis Services is a robust engine for designing and creating multi-dimensional OLAP cubes, advanced data analyses and KPIs for dashboards and scorecards.

The advantage of using a database cube is that it encompasses a multi-dimensional array of data hierarchies and key performance indicators instead of just two-dimensional tables and fields as in the case of a traditional database. This provides an instantaneous, business-oriented information model built around a uniform data basis that everyone in your company can use to derive insight from the data.

OLAP cubes can be used with many different BI front-end tools, such as Excel, Tableau, Power BI and Reporting Services.

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Microsoft SQL Server is used by many different businesses running a wide variety of systems to manage different types of databases. At Inspari, we are specialists when it comes to the day-to-day use and optimisation of Microsoft SQL Server as well as the creation of data warehouses of all sizes. We are also specialists at designing and implementing OLAP cubes to serve a variety of purposes.

Contact Inspari to learn more about how we can help your business get started with Microsoft SQL Server.

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