Microsoft Azure is a cloud-based data processing platform that, in a nutshell, provides security, flexibility and cost savings for companies of all sizes. With Microsoft Azure, businesses can integrate and merge services to ensure transparency and solution utilisation across different business systems – all in a user-friendly interface focused on data security.

exploit new opportunities
with azure

Azure lets data-driven businesses break the traditional burden imposed by systems where data has been stored in closed systems from different suppliers. Data from apps loaded into Azure is readily accessible and can be integrated with a variety of business-critical systems. At the same time, the platform enables the development of new technologies, such as, e.g. the Internet of Things, all the way up at the enterprise level.




in the cloud

The first question we often get about Azure is whether data security in the cloud is adequate. Your data are protected under ISO/IEC 27018 and Azure meets a wide variety of international and industry-specific conformity standards, e.g. ISO 27001, HIPAA, FedRAMP and SOC 1 and 2. Furthermore, you own and control all of your data in the cloud.

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As one of Denmark’s few experienced Azure partners, we can help you safely implement the solution. Several of our customers have already made the jump to the cloud, e.g. Aarhus AffaldVarme, a public utility company taking the lead and taking advantage of new technologies with Azure. We can also help you put together a business case to assess your opportunities with Azure.


inspari takes advantage of
the potential of azure

Sherlog, our product for monitoring servers, resides in Azure. As the number of customers on the solution increased, we experienced the need to expand the solution by adding additional hard drive storage at our outside suppliers. Instead of expanding yet again, we relocated Sherlog to Azure. This led to a number of advantages and at the same time meant we could provide our Azure customers with even better advice on how to best utilise Azure since we would already explored many of the opportunities afforded by this ingenious cloud-based platform.

  1. It is easier for us to deploy and test before we roll software out to users.
  2. We can quickly and easily scale Sherlog to accommodate even more users.
  3. We have achieved significant cost savings.

flexible environments
for testing and development

On the development and testing front, Azure has provided unrivalled flexibility. Instead of waiting on the hosting provider to fire up the test server, our developers can now turn it on or off themselves according to need. This does away with the need for expensive, physical development and test servers since individual developers can test apps on their own closed test environment. At the same time, applications can easily be hosted in the cloud, so the code from a website can be entered directly into Azure instead of relying on an expensive test server.


  • A development server for each developer
  • Turn test servers on and off as needed
  • Say goodbye to costly test servers
  • Flexibility for both testing and development

microsoft award: 2016 cloud
BI partner of the year


We are always proud and humbled to receive a prize as distinguished as the “Cloud Business Intelligence Partner of the Year” in Denmark. Here is what Microsoft had to say about their reasons for awarding us the prize:

“Inspari is the Danish Cloud Business Intelligence Partner of the Year for 2016 and they have taken on a major responsibility in developing the internal skills needed to achieve the impressive BI sales they have delivered. They have managed to deliver Azure and Power BI as the keys to their clients’ digital transformation journey and they’re highly respected for their innovative approach to transforming traditional businesses and processes.”

Alexander Nordqvist, Partner Sales Manager of Microsoft Danmark.

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