Alteryx is an ETL tool designed for data management professionals and analysts who need to analyse unstructured data. Skip the tedious manual data prep process and let Alteryx do the heavy lifting. With your data ready sooner, you will have more time to grow your business.

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instead of your “gut feeling”!

You know your customers and can see how much you have earned per customer. You are also familiar with your product pipeline and know how much you expect to sell to new customers. But your forecast is based on the combination of years of experience and a strong gut feeling. By using Alteryx, you can replace that gut feeling with hard-core statistical calculations – without needing a data expert onsite.

If you already have a BI solution, but would like to take advantage of some of the possibilities offered by Alteryx, you will be pleased to hear that Alteryx can be integrated with Tableau, Qlik and Power BI.

  • Extract data from any source – take advantage of data sources that aren’t typically present in your data warehouse.
  • Create ad hoc analyses. No more waiting for your data to be ready, simply extract them into Alteryx and do it yourself.
  • Create complex analyses – take advantage of the robust computational power of Alteryx and delve into statistics, forecasts and multi-dimensional analyses as well as R integrations (statistical programs).
  • Alteryx and data visualisation – prep your data with Alteryx and get the most out of the data harvested from data visualisation tools like Qlik Sense, Tableau or Power BI!

alteryx makes
complex analyses simple


With Alteryx in your “tool box”, there is no need to wait for your IT department to prep your data for analysis. Alteryx reads a multitude of different document types and sources, enables data scrubbing and does the heavy lifting on your project. The intuitive drag and drop features allow you to prep and manipulate data, carry out complex calculations, predict patterns, delve even deeper into your numbers and, last but not least, share your results with co-workers – adding real value to your business.

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