Adaptive Insights is business intelligence and corporate performance management in a single cloud-based suite with applications for budgeting, financial consolidation, analytics and reporting. Adaptive Insights is a leader in Gartner’s for Cloud FP&A Solutions’ Magic Quadrant.

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+125 datadriven


+400 data-ambitious


+1200 completed

focus on budgeting
and planning

With adaptive planning, Adaptive Insights’ dedicated CPM solution, your company will get an independent tool with a clear focus on corporate performance management, in other words: Budgeting and planning

It is very precise with regard to the budget task and the users it involves:

  • The contributors to the organisation get a tool that is easy and intuitive to use, so everyone can contribute
  • Key employees get a tool that supports the business’s strategic requirements
  • Management gets an easily accessible, consolidated and comprehensive overview of the company

faster budget process

with fewer resources

meaningful overview

thanks to the integration between budget and realised data from the company’s systems

improved budget process

across the organisation thanks to an intuitive tool whereby everyone can easily contribute


improved management communication

across the board thanks to a unique, up-to-date and easily accessible decision-making base

security regarding development
of the budget tool

without any hassle for your own IT department

constantly updated systems

located in the cloud with access both from mobiles and from the web

download guide
to get ready for tomorrow's BI

With this guide you'll get:

  • Five top tips on getting started
  • Use cases & inspiration from other companies
  • a wiki - what the terms mean

an easier route to
financial consolidation

The dedicated financial-consolidation module Adaptive Consolidation makes processing of intercompany, allocation, and price settlements far more straightforward. This increases both the speed and the transparency of financial consolidation.

The relationship between performance and expectation is more quickly accessible to the right stakeholders, thereby strengthening the company’s decision-making base and ensuring that actions take place on a level playing field.

effective collaboration
across the board

The purpose of Adaptive Insights is to create collaboration across the business. Accumulating a valid whole from many sub-budgets is often a challenge, but Adaptive Insights has an exceptional capacity for interlinking of data.

Through workflows Adaptive Insights supports quality assurance in the process. The ability to approve and reject entries at all levels not only quality-assures data but also provides optimum control of the entire process. Everyone uses one and the same tool with a common data base, creating a consolidated basis and complete transparency down to the lowest level of detail. This at the same time means fewer sources of error and ensures that you always use up-to-date information. You can integrate all relevant data sources, thereby getting credible ongoing reports and excellent opportunities for fast forecasts.

information on 

  1. Placed in Gartner’s Leader Quadrant 2018
  2. Global leader on cloud-based CPM
  3. More than 3,000 customers globally, within all industries
  4. Multinational customers in Denmark, including Toyota

get started quickly

With Adaptive Insights you’ll quickly get from thought to action. The new budget tool can often be in operation in just a few weeks – based on best-practice templates and a technology that makes minimal demands of the IT department.

The solution is cloud-based, so you don't first have to invest in hardware and software. All users can access the budget tool, and just need access to a browser. This also applies across departments or geographic areas.



do you want to know more
about adaptive insights? 

René Lyngs Houmøller
Principal Consultant & Team Leader 
+45 61 95 66 50

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