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Retail and brand management are among those sectors with the most direct, day-to-day customer contact and readily available data. But do you and your co-workers exploit the potential of the insight and value that can be harvested from data about your customers and your business? And do you take advantage of the numerous data touchpoints that are filled with knowledge on your competitive advantages so you are always one step ahead of your competitors?

Start your data journey here with business intelligence for companies in the retail and brand management sectors and fulfill your data-driven potential!

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Business intelligence is about more than just sales and financial reporting – the potential is far greater. Data processing is not just the road to a deeper and more valuable understanding of customers’ needs, behaviour patterns and loyalty. It also delivers business-critical knowledge about, e.g. optimisation of the shop and inventory, add-on sales and upselling and supply chain management.

We deliver BI solutions that match the needs we have seen in our customers in the retail and brand management sectors. And even though our customers are in general very different, they still share many of the same challenges – this may also apply to you. Together, we can find a solution.

  1. Performance: Constantly updated figures showing sales and employee performance
  2. Just-in-time: constant supply chain management optimisation
  3. Replenishment: data-driven demand forecasting and purchase planning optimisation
  4. Like-for-like sales growth: ensuring organic growth
  5. Omnichannel: campaign tracking to ensure the best marketing mix of online and offline activities

"management always has an overview encompassing brands, customers and sales reps - this provides invaluable insight in real-time."

Mette Elisabeth Anderson, Business Controller, Rosendahl Design Group

retail data is
a people's business

The data-driven business thinks and acts company-wide with the help of business intelligence. When the data silos in the various business units in the organisation are broken down, management gains insight into the most important KPIs for the business as a whole and for the individual units – on an hourly basis. This means that management can make the right decisions based on knowledge.

At the same time, for example, the store manager, the marketing manager or the warehouse manager can spot challenges and make changes to, e.g. employee resource allocation, online campaigns or inventory turnover before it shows up on the bottom line. When you act based on insight, you appreciate the real business value of working with data.

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added value

with retail data

Business insight provides added value
We analyse our retail customers – both in relation to individual markets and business models. Together, we will identify the most important KPIs that form the basis for data-driven decision-making.

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Data visualisation
Provide management with dashboards with constantly updated figures, so each manager can track his or her business unit in real time. This provides individual managers with a tool to dig deeper into their own numbers and react more quickly, e.g. in the case of falling sales.

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