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Data-driven law firms are a warehouse for knowledge and transform data into knowledge and knowledge into profits. With business intelligence as an active management tool, you are always up-to-date on traditional key performance indicators like billable hours, over- and understaffing, the ratio of billable to non-billable hours and resource utilisation. At the same time, you can exploit the competitive advantage data provides in gaining insight into clients’ online behaviour patterns and, in particular, profitability, so you can get a picture of the clients that are best for the business as a whole. With this new insight, you can make the right decisions based on facts instead of just a gut feeling.

Let your data-driven journey begin right here – with business intelligence created specifically for law firms looking for that data-driven edge.

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For many law firms, the first step toward a data-driven future is to describe the current state of the business and be able to keep an eye on the most important performance indicators on an ongoing basis. Once the basic needs are in place, a whole world of analytical possibilities opens up that we can help our customers take advantage of.

While we develop and maintain the software for some law firms, we provide others with self-service analytics – the choice is yours. This should provide you with some insight into a few of the analyses we carry out for the legal profession.

  1. Knowledge of clients: Gain insight into client behaviour and make your law firm their preferred partner!
  2. Profitability per client: How much influence does the hourly rate have on an individual client’s profitability in the long run?
  3. Performance measurement: Constantly updated ratio of billable to non-billable hours throughout the organisation.
  4. Resource utilisation: Is the personnel mix ideal and is seniority being used in the best manner?
  5. Case budget: Identify bottlenecks and optimise individual stages for better cash flow.


"as a data-driven knowledge-based business, we make sure to provide transparent, user-friendly performance overviews to our managers and employees".


Peter Mejlby, Director, Delacour

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Business Intelligence for attorneys provides new opportunities for reporting and knowledge sharing throughout the partnership group. Some law firms prefer a traditional structure and consequently use business intelligence to provide each partner with more detailed insight into performance metrics within their own area. Other law firms insist on full transparency throughout the partnership group in order to share knowledge about performance in specific areas and company-wide.

Regardless of your goals, business intelligence enables you to make the right decisions on an informed basis, allowing you to improve the performance of your business on the whole. This is, in a nutshell, the value business intelligence adds.

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Exploit any data source
A modern BI solution can utilise data from a wide variety of sources to arm you with knowledge. Combine data from conventional sources such as finance or CRM with, e.g. Google Analytics.

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Quick overview of key performance indicators
We provide dashboards for various users with a focus on administration, relevant information and a convenient overview. This leads to satisfied users whose expectations are met.

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