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Huge potential exists for data-driven industrial and manufacturing businesses. Therefore, analyses spanning purchasing, manufacturing, inventory and sales are especially important to ensure optimised processes throughout the entire business and, consequently, a healthy bottom line. Business intelligence provides you with an active management tool with constantly updated key performance indicators so you can make better decisions based on the facts instead of the seat of your pants.

Start your data-driven journey here with business intelligence that turns data into profits for industrial and manufacturing businesses.

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When we help our customers in the industrial and manufacturing sector, it is sometimes all about rationalising and lowering costs across the organisation – often where small margins are involved. Even the smallest change can make a big difference throughout the entire manufacturing supply chain and, ultimately, have a positive impact on pricing. For this reason, we use data from a variety of sources for specific analyses, such as machine sensors, raw material costs and indirect manufacturing costs, and the results of the analyses are readily apparent on the bottom line.

Below is a sample of the kinds of analyses we put together for our manufacturing customers. Regardless of your needs, we can also help your business by providing a valuable custom analysis that can optimise your production facilities and the commercial side of your organisation.

  1. Degree of capacity utilisation: a benchmark encompassing machinery, products, shifts, machine downtime etc.
  2. Production times and wastage: analysis of the causes of fluctuations in production times and wastage per process.
  3. Asset management: forecast service visits, lower costs and optimise the manufacturing facilities.
  4. Optimised pricing: find the optimum selling price of your end products.
  5. Marketing: analyse sales data and identify the most effective distribution channels.


BI provides us with global insight into the organisation – right down to the level of individual transactions. This lets us respond to challenges and follow up across company lines.” 

Brian B. Pedersen, Team Leader, Business Intelligence /Controlling Group Finance DEIF A/S

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With business intelligence, you have constantly updated figures throughout the entire organisation that all “speak the same language”. Embracing business intelligence is therefore all about breaking with the tradition of the traditional factory report apparatchik with its endless Excel print-outs and production departments that all seem to speak their own “language”.

Instead, individual managers, production managers, purchasing managers etc., receive constantly updated overviews of their most important KPIs. This provides the best conditions to optimise individual business units and transforms the wealth of manufacturing data into a true value creator. And that is the value of working with business intelligence!

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