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The Danish advertising agency Rosendahl Design Group are the masterminds behind a number of familiar brands of kitchen, furniture and home decor products and market design classics such as Grand Cru tableware, Kay Bojesen monkeys, Lyngby vases etc. These diverse products are sold to interior design showrooms and chain stores of all sizes in a large number of countries. The main office in Denmark runs a common business intelligence solution, which provides its sales management and individual sales reps in all countries with a powerful tool for sales reporting – in real-time.

With the common BI platform, Rosendahl Design Group can create analyses that cover a variety of markets and countries. This optimises its entire distribution supply chain and gets it closer to its customers’ data while, at the same time, providing professional advice and benchmarking the performance of individual markets, products and sales reps relative to one another. Learn more about Rosendahl Design Group’s visionary approach to data and see how you can add more value to your own company.

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Business intelligence has been a part of everyday life at the Rosendahl Design Group for many years. Thus both sales management and the sales reps have a data-driven mindset, which lays the groundwork for them to take advantage of the numerous analytical opportunities the new BI solution makes available.

Several of the new dashboards are designed on the basis of prior BI solutions so employees can see the figures they are used to seeing, but in a much easier and more intuitive way. The big difference is when the employees access their sales numbers via dashboards, they cannot accidentally edit, delete or modify data – and that gives them the peace of mind to explore the figures and visualise new opportunities.


Best of all, this lets sales management and sales reps speak the same language and therefore share the same world view.

An important lesson from the BI team at Rosendahl Design Group is that users didn’t start using the new solution all the time until the company pulled the plug on its old solution. This wasn’t because its employees didn’t see the value of the new solution, but rather due to the fact that old habits die hard.

In addition, the BI team has experienced that the more customisation they do on the BI solution, the more they want to add additional information and options.

getting overviews
and key performance
indicators on time  

For Rosendahl, the overall objective of BI is to provide its sales reps and sales management with a tool for monitoring customer and product trends, reporting sales figures to customers and offering them professional consultation and advice. In practice, both its sales management and its sales team always have access to updated sales figures and, accordingly, sales goals and frameworks for the entire department, regardless whether they are at the office, on the road or out visiting a customer.

While management can see key the figures for the team as a whole, the individual sales reps can only see their own customers and their own sales. All the dashboards are adapted for mobile devices so salespeople can see the dashboards on their preferred devices, e.g. iPad or desktop. The BI team at Rosendahl Design Group has noticed that when it connects with users on their preferred platform, the users embrace the solution – and that is a recipe for a successful BI solution.

At the same time, the dashboards just show the key performance indicators that are relevant for each sales rep. Therefore, sales reps have a robust overview of their data, which is important for holding productive meetings with customers. Most importantly, individual salespeople can see their dashboards in their own language and currency, yet another factor that encourages them to embrace the solution.

"management always has an overview encompassing brands, customers and sales reps - this provides invaluable insight in real-time."


Mette Elisabeth Anderson, Business Controller, Rosendahl Design Group

analyses on the fly
facilitate data-driven meetings

Basically, it is the imagination of the individual sales rep or manager that sets the limits for the analytical possibilities.

Previously, more complex analyses were reserved for those few employees who happened to possess advanced skills in Excel. This was often a bottleneck causing both sales reps and sales management to have to wait on new reports. But now the sales reps can create advanced analyses themselves without needing to know how to write code. Individual salespeople can analyse different combinations of products and customers to gain insight into customers’ purchasing patterns and the profitability of individual customers. 

Right now the top analyses are:

  • Product cycle times
  • Reports on customer size
  • Earnings sorted by customer size and products
  • Worldwide customer behaviour 

The employees of the BI team are always ready and willing to receive requests for new analytical options.


the best tips
from the BI Team
at rosendahl
design group

The BI team at Rosendahl Design Group has put together a handy list of 5 top tips for success with BI:

  1. Pull the plug and focus on one BI solution.
  2. Train users, customise on an ongoing basis and combine the familiar with the new. 
  3. Make sure at least one power user is available for users, particularly during the start-up phase.
  4. Make help more accessible by, e.g. sending how-to videos, creating bookmarks or offering one-on-one support.
  5. Customise, customise, customise! The more user-friendly a solution is, the fonder users will be of the solution – and you!


BI at rosendahl
from a technical standpoint

  • A data warehouse for worldwide sales reporting

  • QlikView for 50 users

  • One common lingo

  • Dashboards with best practice data visualisation

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