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As one of Denmark’s largest law firms, Delacour is an international, business-oriented legal limited partnership company with both private and public sector clients. Our objective is crystal clear: Delacour aims to be the first choice businesses turn to for legal guidance and assistance. In order to meet this ambitious goal, Delacour uses business intelligence as an active management tool for both partners and managers.

The law firm has a fully transparent management structure with cross-discipline experience across all departmental functions. The result is a better utilisation of skills and knowledge along with a data-driven allocation of resources. Read more about Delacour’s ambitious strategy.

the courage to
the data-driven
workplace environment


Delacour is driven by the desire to succeed and use data to gain a broad cross-discipline overview of different areas of the business that enables us to improve our performance. There is no clear dividing line between individual and team performance reviews for our managers, but instead full transparency and knowledge sharing across all functional areas – a veritable warehouse of knowledge.

Individual managers and employees alike are empowered with data – to make goals and results more concrete and enable the individual employee to make better decisions based on the data.

Delacour is currently conducting ongoing analyses of the most important key performance indicators to ensure a tight-run ship, e.g.:

  • How do we ensure the best utilisation of resources across projects?
  • What is the relationship between profitability and our largest clients in terms of sales?
  • How does the ratio of billable to non-billable hours and the utilisation of resources look across different teams, managers and business areas?
  • How can we come up with the right mix of employee KSAs for a specific case?
  • How does the activity look at our most important customers?


the benefits
of BI
at delacour

  • Reliability and accuracy across the organisation with constantly updated figures.

  • Full transparency at both the management and partner level to share and utilise individual knowledge and skills.

  • Both employees and management are intimately familiar with the most important key performance indicators and drivers for success of the business.

  • Delacour can even create dashboards customised for e.g. users and focus areas.

  • Delacour can carry out analyses based on input from various systems, e.g. CRM, finance, marketing, etc.



"deeper and broader insight into market and customer data has allowed us to fulfill our goal of getting closer to the action both with respect to the market and our customers."

Peter Mejlby, Director, Delacour

spur on commercial
business growth with data


As one of the legal profession’s leading marketers, Delacour uses data to track online client behaviour with the help of, e.g. podcasts, LinkedIn, website content and especially Google Analytics.


The law firm has actively increased its efforts at collecting and using valuable information on client behaviour in order to grow its business by becoming even more familiar with existing and future client needs. Once Delacour knows where its users come from, it then has a data-driven basis to pick the right channels for its marketing mix.  

BI at delacour,
from a technical standpoint

  • SQL-based data warehouse with data from various sources, e.g. Navision, HR systems etc.
  • Standard Capto solution (with Navision)
  • Qlik Sense for 100 users
  • A data-driven business model

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