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The DEIF group was founded in Denmark back in 1933 and is today a worldwide market leader when it comes to eco-friendly, safe and reliable management solutions for onshore and offshore decentralised electrical power production. DEIF has over 650 employees and is represented in more than 50 key markets all over the world.

To achieve transparency in the sales reporting of the 13 subsidiaries scattered all over the world, the BI department located in Denmark has created a BI solution that provides global insight to both the management staff and the sales department.

Read how DEIF uses worldwide sales data to provide its administration and sales management with the global insight they need.

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the global BI solution

Business intelligence is at the heart of global sales reporting at DEIF. Before BI made its way to DEIF, management had to rely on the parent company for sales figures.

This procedure was unable to meet new needs that emerged as more and more subsidiaries were established and management needed a quick, convenient birds-eye view of all the subsidiaries. Therefore, DEIF created a transparent, worldwide BI-solution for sales reporting.

The BI solution covers the parent company and the 13 subsidiaries – both in relation to the consolidated results of subsidiaries and global, transparent sales reporting.

global transparency

The global transparency of the sales reporting shows the open corporate culture at DEIF, where both the administration and the sales management teams can track each individual subsidiary all the way down to the level of individual transactions. This allows both the home office and the managers of the subsidiaries to compare and benchmark the subsidiaries’ sales results. This cross-organisational insight is a valuable tool for achieving the best results at the global level.

At the same time, the BI solution ensures that internal transactions between subsidiaries are factored out so it doesn’t distort the sales picture or corporate accounting. Just one more measure that ensures accurate global insight is provided. 


insight into
the numbers
provides empowerment


The BI department has created a number of reports available to the administration and sales management of individual subsidiaries that provide key performance indicators and a variety of analyses based on continuously updated figures. These provide individual subsidiaries with continuous insight into their own numbers so they can react to, e.g., shortfalls or products with worsening sales trends. At the same time, they can benchmark their results against the rest of the organisation – all the way down to the transaction level.

The most important analyses for the sales organisations include:

  • Margin per customer broken down by product
  • Benchmarked comparisons of the subsidiaries
  • Growth of performance indicators


”BI provides us with global insight into the organisation – right down to the level of individual transactions. This lets us respond to challenges and follow up across company lines.” 


Brian B. Pedersen, Team Leader, Business Intelligence /Controlling Group Finance DEIF A/S

BI at deif,
from a technical standpoint

Once the individual subsidiary is entered into DEIF’s data warehouse, the BI department can go to work with the numbers and create company-wide reports. This provides DEIF with the opportunity to dig deeper into the numbers of the individual companies in the organisation.

  • SQL Server with data warehousing
  • SharePoint portal with Excel reports and Reporting Services
  • OLAP cubes (multidimensional database cubes)

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