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Welcome to Inspari.
If your ambition is as sky-high as our expectations
and you are as passionate as we are about creating value
for your customers, then welcome to the workplace of your dreams.

"We wanted to create a workplace and culture that we'd want to be a part of ourselves.” 


This is how Jens-Jacob Aarup, CEO of Inspari, describes the basic concept behind the Inspari workplace and the culture we call “heartwork”. A culture that embraces the whole person.

At Inspari, we put our mind and heart to work in everything we do. And we expect the same of you. Being a part of Inspari requires hard work. But you will be rewarded well for your efforts – not only on a professional level, but also in terms of personal growth and an active social life. So becoming a part of a help-oriented high performance culture that focuses on #winningtogether is certainly something you should look forward to. And here in our heartwork universe, we will provide you with some insight into the fundamental values that are required to join the Inspari team.


vacant positions
in the inspari


Here you´ll find our vacant positions – and hopefully, your dream job. You apply for the job via an automatic recruiting system so that we can process applications as efficiently as possible and provide you, the applicant, with the best service possible. We can´t wait to hear from you! All jobs are in Danish at the moment. 

 Unsolicited application

Listen to Martin
and his experience
of being in inspari
- with brain and heart

do you have the dna 
it takes to be a part of inspari?

det_rette_inspari-DNA_200x600.jpg (1)
a hawk-eye
shrewd insight into how your clients and colleagues are doing
"likeable" by nature with unbridled enthusiasm
after hours
a team player who enjoys hanging out at social events
on hand
always where you´re needed, always on the ball, always ready to perform and give what it takes
top-tuned cerebration
best-in-class DNA with optimum sense of business DNA with optimum sense of business
hungry for knowledge
with the ability and desire to "download" and absorb the very latest in the industry
growth potential
best in the business and a desire to learn more
the willpower to go the extra mile to reach the target… and more

experience an inspari hackathon
130 employees, 3 cases
8 hours and 1 winner

big data, small ego?
start your career 
in inspari

At Inspari, we do business intelligence – commonly referred to as BI. In other words, we help companies make better  decisions and create value by actively using data. We employ the most skilled and passionate consultants within the field of Business Intelligence and our ambitions are on your behalf sky-high. We do not expect you to know our world  beforehand, but we expect that you are eager to learn and have what it takes to succeed.









  • Become part of a team from day 1 
  • Great responsibility and interesting tasks 
  • World class knowledge sharing 
  • An awesome start to your career


the title is BI consultant;
the profile is yours

There are many career paths to the dream job of business intelligence consultant. But what our consultants all have in common is a solid higher education, the ability to create commercial value, an understanding of how the overall BI solution works, and, not least of all, the desire to succeed. The desire to become a consultant with all that entails, such as managing own budgets, registering hours worked, and being responsible for delivering to the client within agreed deadlines. If you love the idea of working as a consultant, then you´ll love Inspari.

At Inspari, all business intelligence consultants work towards a common goal: delivering value to our clients both individually and in teams. Every day. While some consultants focus more on meeting the client's needs, front-end tools, and data models, others focus primarily on the back-end systems. But no profile is either/or. And everyone needs to possess a thorough knowledge and understanding of the technical aspects that a BI solution is based on.

As a consultant, we also expect you to stay updated and gain certifications such as MCSA, MCSE, Qlik, Tableau or project management. And just so you know, when we celebrate, cake is obligatory! The deal is – we provide the certificate – you provide the cake!

forge your own career path
and live out your passion in life 


We know that you want to be one of the best in your field. We also recognise that you live to create value and deliver that value to our customers. But whether or not you should climb higher up the career ladder is only for you to decide.

At Inspari, you could be a BI Consultant, Senior BI Consultant or a Principal Consultant. The title doesn´t describe the concrete tasks it covers, only the scope of supplier responsibility, the expectation that you will lead processes, and, not least of all, the desire to lead the pack. No matter what your dream role is, the responsibility for shaping the path that is right for you lies in your own hands.

While being responsible for your own career, we also expect you to share your knowledge with your colleagues and lend a hand when they need it. This also applies to our ambitious graduate programme in which you will have a part to play in training your future colleagues.


skilled managers
for talented employees

As a manager at Inspari, you naturally have your own style of leadership – and our managers are all hands-on coaches. At the Inspari Leadership Academy, we make sure that your toolbox is always updated with the tools and knowledge you need to lead your team of some of the most highly talented people in the business. More specifically, you will follow a programme that focuses on being a team leader in a high performance business with a flat structure.

Follow your ambitions to lead
While some managers at Inspari have started at management level, others have followed a natural progression up the ladder in the organisation. But what everyone has in common is a desire to assume the special responsibility that being a team leader involves.

Sparring with like-minded colleagues
You can look forward to sparring – with not only your management colleagues – but also our experienced HR business partners.



3 facts about life
as a BI consultant 

Many BI consultants get stuck in a rut working with only a few clients. We prioritize variety and personal development highly. For your – and for your clients´ sakes.

A part of the team
No one can solve complex tasks alone. And you shouldn´t have to. You will be met with the most complex challenges in the industry – and the support to meet them at #winning together.

Opportunities for development
With us, you´ll grow – both professionally and as an individual. We value and reward ambition, the ability to achieve goals, and drive.


3 misconceptions about
life as a BI consultant

“It´s a lonely job.”
New consultants in particular need sparring opportunities, clear goals, and tangible tools. And that's what you'll get from us – plus 100 colleagues that want to see you succeed.

“You never get any time off.”
”Consultants never see their families,” is a phrase you´ll hear now and then. That´s not true in our case. We are busy, that´s for sure, but we make sure we set aside time for the important things in life, on a professional and a personal level.

“We´re weighed and measured constantly.”
Data is what drives us. Including data on our own results. But you are not weighed and measured down to the last gram. We set clear, realistic goals for each consultant – and help them succeed in reaching them.

values, loyalty and
something to do

with a Japanese ant



Now you have had a small taste of what life as a colleague at Inspari is all about, we would like to tell you more about our journey from pushy newcomer  in an immature BI market to a BI consultancy and leading market player with colleagues in several countries. If you are ready to hear more about our values, see the level of loyalty we have built up, and are curious to learn just exactly what Inspari and a Japanese ant have in common, then take a look at ”About Inspari”.