we take
data personally


At Inspari, business intelligence is about much more than just data. It is all about people. Thus the goal of business intelligence isn’t just to collect and enhance data. It is using data to improve people’s lives.

As the all-around business intelligence partner of many ambitious companies, we provide our customers with the ability to make better decisions and use data to grow their businesses. This is the reason why we take data personally and encourage our customers to do the same.

business intelligence 
seen eye-to-eye


Since our humble beginnings in Denmark in 2008, Inspari has grown into a strong, international business intelligence consultancy with over 110 BI consultants who live, eat, and breathe data. We now have locations in Norway, Romania and Denmark. We believe in long-term relationships based on trust, responsibility and a commitment to quality. We try and see eye-to-eye with our customers – as equal partners – and focus our attention on their specific business opportunities. Opportunities that we help them realise. 

Over the years, we have developed effective methods and best practice skills when it comes to business intelligence solutions for sectors including, e.g. the legal profession, retail, brand management, and industrial/manufacturing. At the same time, we have managed to remain agile so we can work quickly, effectively and passionately – and always with an optimistic, “can-do” attitude.

The courage and will-to-succeed of our over 400 active customers, who use data to chart their past, diagnose their current situation and forecast the future, are the main building blocks of our business. And we are naturally proud to be a part of their continued success.

the final showdown
with gut feeling


Data, big data, business intelligence, performance management, IoT, advanced analytics. Just ignore these fancy words for a moment and ask yourself:

Does data put you and your co-workers in position to make the right decision in any mission-critical situation? 

With Inspari as your business partner, the answer is a resounding “Yes”.

We help our customers transform data into knowledge – and knowledge into value – through the intelligent use of data. We are proud that our customers on the whole have been able to do away with off-the-cuff decisions made purely on gut instinct and instead base their decisions on real knowledge and insight.


heartwork is 
the culture  
of data heroes

At Inspari, we attract future data heroes and data heroes of today - talents and specialists. Heart & brain are the key elements to success at Inspari. Thus, our culture is called heartwork.

We are always on the lookout for new colleagues with cool professional skills & strong human skills. If you believe that you could be our future colleague, please contact us. 

If you want a small taste of Inspari, please join us on Instagram - @weareinspari


The world is changing and the amount of data is growing by the minute. At Inspari, it is not all about the quantity of data. At Inspari, we focus our efforts on the people using the data to make valuable decisions - decisions that make a difference for us all - both for our businesses and for the outside world.

improve decision-making for everyone through people and data


/ we are ambitious
We dare to think big and set lofty goals for our customers and ourselves. Our ambition level is high - but always within sight.

/ we take responsibility
We thrive on responsibility. Taking your project seriously is ingrained in our DNA. We actively take charge together with the people who help ambitious companies reach new heights.

/ we stand for quality
We live, eat and breath quality, not as a choice but as a way of life. We devote our energy and world-class knowledge to solutions that improve decision-making for everybody.

/ we believe in sustainability
Taking care of the planet is about more than just global warming or rising temperatures. A bold statement? Maybe so, but we back it up by keeping the big picture in mind as we carry out our everyday work. It is important - for our customers, the planet and ourselves.

gazelle marathon

seven gazelle growth awards in a row 

As a growing company, we are humbled and proud of the seven Gazelle awards in a row we have received from the Danish business newspaper, Børsen. We have a special phrase we use frequently at Inspari – #atvindesammen [”to win as a team”]. Bagging seven Gazelles in a row is winning as a team. This is the result of a fantastic team effort by all the wonderful people associated with Inspari – customers, business partners and, last but not least, employees – who have helped us “hit our targets”.
Børsen Gazelle awards in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016.