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BI is all about turning a business’s data into useful information and converting this knowledge into value. BI is about making use of the abundant data organisations create so better, faster decisions can be made using fewer resources.

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We believe business intelligence centres around four key benefits our customers gain. Together, we will analyse your business and evaluate your areas of focus so your BI solution is tailored to support your specific goals.

  • Increase business performance
  • Make better decisions using fewer resources
  • Manage the company’s growth
  • Reduce costs

If you recognise one or more of these items, then you are well on your way to improving your business. Just book a meeting or a call with us and we will make sure you get off to a good start.

from data to knowledge

First you need to start with the company’s business and competitive situation and then create an appropriate data model.

In order for us to transform data into knowledge and share it with your employees, we need to put the data into a business perspective. Data from mission-critical systems is collected and normally put into a business context through a so-called data warehouse. This is where data goes from being some mysterious tables in some complex IT systems to being tangible business objects that the company’s users can recognise.

from knowledge to value

When business intelligence software supports the decision-making processes in the company, data doesn’t just become information, it becomes knowledge that creates value.

This happens when people in the organisation work with information using visual tools that are easy to work with. We call these kinds of tools “front-end tools”. They are an essential part of a BI solution along with the methods, processes, architecture and platform.

Read more about how some of our customers are currently using business intelligence software to help their businesses. Read our cases.

business intelligence 

With our business intelligence software, we can elevate your business’s performance to a higher strategic, tactical and operational plane. This means that the same solution can be used in many different ways, depending on the specific needs of users in your company.

Let us talk about how we can help you with business intelligence, so you can achieve your goal of being data-driven.

  • Reporting
  • Dashboards and scorecards
  • Data mining
  • Support for budgeting and forecasting
  • Consolidation of different data sources
  • Analyses and data discovery

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In short, business intelligence is the intelligent use of data to make better decisions within your business. But where does it start?

Big data is a buzz word familiar to many, i.e. vast quantities of data constantly created inside and outside the organization, often in the form of unstructured data that we are not yet utilizing. And this is where business intelligence enters the picture. With an explorative approach, the right BI tools make way for exploring data to find patterns and correlations. Patterns, that enlighten and enrich people who make important business decisions.

Business intelligence software, front-end tools, data warehouse, BI cube, ETL tools, etc. The BI terminology list is long. Luckily, the road to your successful BI solution is not. Start your business intelligence journey today with Inspari.

BI tools
and self-service

Working with business intelligence calls for the right competencies combined with the right mindset and the right tool. With a front-end tool, you can visualise your data in an easy and intuitive interface helping your message get through – the first-time around. The alternatives to the classical pie charts are numerous, and best practice is built into the different tools.

At the same time, the front-end tools are used for creating dynamic dashboards. Dashboards hold the organisations’ most important KPIs and measuring points: How are we doing and which buttons should we push right now? In other words, a dashboard is an overlook of your goals and KPIs – in fact, anything you want to measure - constantly updated. Thus, you have a constant overview of where your business is right now and where you are going. 

Among the most popular BI tools are Tableau, Qlik, Power BI and Alteryx. The aim is to give the users the power of their own analyses – also known as self-service BI. At first, it is important to look at your organisation’s needs, data sources and data types. Often, companies gather the different data sources in a data warehouse creating one set of trustworthy numbers. Moreover, it allows for users to create analyses and visualisations in their BI tools useful to the entire organization.

BI consulting
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How we tackle tasks
We always base our approach on YOUR company’s business and situation, and after we’ve got to know you we'll be ready to create the data model that reflects the nature of your particular company. We help customers chart the past, diagnose the present and predict the future, so that they can now make decisions through intelligent and active use of data. Once the data is in place it’s a matter of choosing the right front-end tool, whereby data is visualised in an easy and intuitive manner so that everyone understands the message.

Meet the industry’s most skilled consultants
Our consultants have many different skills, and they can help you with everything from A to Z. We have consultants specialising in SQL, Tablau and Alteryx who are always ready to help you. At Inspari we are always updated on the latest techniques, and offer various forms of follow-up training for our consultants so they always have the latest knowledge – knowledge that can help you find patterns and contexts in your data, on the basis of which you can then make business decisions.

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