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The truly successful BI solution gets used extensively and creates value for the business. The common denominator of the best business intelligence solutions is thus a successful implementation and a high rate of user adoption. But before we get to that point, we have got to deal with the technical rollout of the solution, where both you, the customer, and we, your BI partner, play an active role.

We have experience with BI projects in all shapes and sizes and in many different countries. Therefore, we also know that business intelligence processes are complex and require the management of experienced project leaders who understand how to facilitate from start to finish working closely with individual customers.

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At Inspari, we have developed a unique procedure that includes all of the steps, roles and tasks contained in a BI project or assignment. We call the procedure “Inspari Field Goal™”. It provides peace of mind throughout the entire project and makes any process into a team competition, where the desire to win, the tactics and the objectives are all ingrained into the process.

Inspari Field Goal™ gives you access to specific tools and structured processes that significantly elevate the quality of the rollout and implementation. Real-life project experience and theories from the best and brightest minds in the field provide the backbone for the procedure and can be applied to new projects where either you or Inspari are responsible for the rollout.

We use the same method to restart distressed business intelligence solutions at companies that have previously rolled out business intelligence without succeeding in getting it to take root throughout their organisation. In this way, we can transform a project that benefits just a few individuals in the company into an indispensable tool that benefits the entire organisation’s everyday work.

an effective



  • Effective adoption and use of BI throughout the organisation
  • Achievement of goals for the BI solution
  • Readout on the BI solution’s success and value
  • Proper deployment of the solution and a good return on investment.

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No matter the size – just get started!
Maybe you are thinking about BI to support a specific business function. Maybe you are thinking big? The most important thing is to get started. A data-driven company thinks in visionary terms – the vast potential of BI lies in the entire business’s need for information.


Build a strong business unit
BI can break down those data silos where departments are narrowly focused on their own issues and fail to see the forest for the trees. Thus it’s important for a cross-organisational unit to be in charge of the maintenance and fine-tuning of the BI solution in order to ensure consistency throughout the business and make sure the entire organisation is being supported, not just individual departments separately.



Define the challenges
To ensure business intelligence ends up being successful in the company, you should start out with a specific challenge faced by the business. Make sure it is clear just what your project is supporting in the organisation and ensure it creates value for the business.


Build one common data platform
There is often much debate about who has the right numbers. Businesses that are truly data-driven have built one common data platform. We recommend that you proceed stepwise toward a comprehensive solution. In this way, you’re constantly getting closer to the end goal and creating value for the business each time your insight into the data gets more refined.

Responsibility and ownership
It is important that the business takes ownership of the solution. This is done by getting the business involved while it’s still early in the process and making how the solution develops over time a priority. The IT department may well be responsible for the solution’s operation, but it’s the business that has to take ownership of the overall solution.


Devote the right mix of skills to the project
Many businesses use outside resources when they get started with BI, but real data-driven companies put an emphasis on acquiring these skills internally. Insist on engaging your own specialists and users in the process, so you can ensure that the knowledge injected into the company from outside resources stays in the company.

education and adoption are
the keys to success

A BI solution is only as powerful as its users are. Choosing an action plan to ensure the BI solution takes root throughout the organisation and achieves a high rate of user adoption is perhaps the most important decision that needs to be made once you have decided to start the project.
At Inspari, we know that even though two organisations may both have BI solutions that look the same on paper, not all businesses are alike – when it comes to their organisational structure, skills, needs or stage in the growth process.
For this reason, we have come up with a concept for user adoption that takes these differences into account, so we can respond to the unique needs of your organisation based on e.g.:

  • Prior experience with BI
  • The needs and professional skills of your user types
  • Infrastructure
  • User training at various levels
  • Organisational structure of ownership and operation of the BI solution
  • Establishment of skill centres

We can help your organisation get over the hump by accommodating the various needs of your organisation with a customised process. Processes that will make a big difference for the individuals who’ll be working with the BI solution.

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Once your BI solution is implemented, we recommend Inspari Support. For us, support is more than just a word. It is about taking responsibility for your solution with a can-do attitude focused on what best suits your needs. It is knowing you will have help in any situation.
With Inspari Support, you’ll receive security, proactivity and access to the country’s leading specialists in your area. No commitment required, at a fair price.

Read on if you would like to learn more about a support agreement.


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