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Hosting is more than just storing data. At Inspari, hosting is about responsibility, proactivity and BI performance beyond the norm.

With Inspari Hosting your BI application will be within safe, secure parameters that can be scaled in accordance with your organisation’s requirements. We thereby ensure that performance and finance complement each other optimally.

Our many years of experience of BI have given us the knowledge and insight regarding what it takes to operate an optimum environment. This knowledge and experience will benefit you and your BI application.

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With Inspari you get more than just hosting. You get an experienced partner who understands how to make a BI environment that is stable and secure and offers superior performance.

  • We know the requirements regarding business intelligence hosting.
  • You will get customised Service Level Agreements.
  • You will get continuous optimisation of your environment with regard to performance and costs.
  • You will get a monthly overview of performance and improvement proposals.
  • You will get a solution based on Microsoft Azure – the market’s leading cloud technology that is GDPR-compliant.


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2 in 1
single point of responsibility


Many companies set great store by the possibility of a single point of responsibility when choosing a partner.

If you have already chosen or are considering Inspari Support we would recommend that you also take a look at BI Hosting. When you select both support and hosting from Inspari you are choosing the best for your BI application and yourself. So we can keep a proactive eye on your BI application at the same time as dealing with any performance issues, without having to wait for access to your server environment. After all, we already have that access.

As with Inspari Hosting, with Inspari Support we can create the very support agreement to match your needs – whether you need support during general working hours, departments in different time zones or business-critical applications.

3 good 
for choosing
inspari hosting

  1. BI experience
    Every week we scrutinise 100+ BI environments. We thus have the right experience to
    ensure stability and optimise performance within your

  2. BI environment.
    We take full responsibility as regards your having the maximum uptime and getting superior performance. And you will of course get a detailed report for the preceding month.

  3. Proactivity
    We will work proactively and ensure your hosting environment is always updated, so you will never have to think about hosting. That’s up to us.

select hosting modules 
as required

The starting point for a hosting agreement with us is that you can freely customise it to your needs. If you need a complete environment with development, testing and production servers, we'll build it – and if you need a smaller solution, then that will be the answer. We will advise you on best practice, and the solution will be put together to match your current requirements, whilst the flexibility of Inspari Hosting will at the same time mean that you can continuously scale things to meet your future needs.

You can also combine things with your existing solution – for example, we can construct a hybrid set-up together whereby you can use different locations and at the same time have your development server with us.