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Just as energy can be extracted from waves in the sea, we extract knowledge using big data. We make knowledge into value that you can use to make better decisions and gain a competitive advantage. But is big data just large quantities of data? How can you use big data in your business? And what tools are available on the market for creating value using big data?

At Inspari we collaborate with our customers in making big data into visible results on the bottom line. Read more here and find out how you can make big data into genuine business value.


modern analytics tools
make sense of big data

At Inspari we do not enrich data – we enrich people’s lives. Data – or big data – only becomes something of value when you analyse it using a modern tool. You can then suddenly find patterns and trends that were invisible in your unstructured data.

With a modern self-service tool you can explore your data and find answers regarding your contentions and questions, and this will bring you one step closer to your next data-driven decision. What is common to these tools is the capacity to:

  • use unstructured data – including outside the data warehouse
  • undertake advanced analyses without being a mathematical genius
  • display data in a visually attractive way using an intuitive interface
  • share your results with your colleagues – and on websites

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The market’s three leading tools for visualising big data are Power BI, Qlik Sense and Tableau. All three tools give you self-service BI, so you can analyse data from a wide range of different sources – without first having to get your data into your data warehouse. With the aid of the powerful tools you can visualise your data so it helps tell the very story you want to tell.

The best tool for unstructured data
If you have huge quantities of unstructured data it might be a good idea to look in the direction of Alteryx. A tool that can help you quickly structure your data – a process that used to take several days or weeks but is now a matter of minutes or seconds.

Alteryx at the same time helps you perform the advanced analyses that used to be the reserve of the few people with special statistical skills or knowledge of algorithms. In other words prerequisites for creating business value with your big data have never been better.

Get help choosing tools
We advise on choice of tools, because it is important to get just the right solution for your needs. Read more about evaluation of front-end tools.



big data

One of the possibilities big data opens up is getting to know your customers better than they know themselves, e.g. by finding patterns and trends. For example, big data can be used to match customers and products, predict cancellation of subscriptions or optimise the production line. The possibilities are endless. Understanding your customers even better or being able to foresee a need is relevant to nearly all businesses, and also facilitates better customer service and a higher degree of satisfaction.

Here are a few examples taken from our own modest experience, so you can see the possibilities that lie right at your feet.

Siemens collects huge quantities of data from the many sensors in each wind turbine, and uses advanced analytics to predict when there is a need to replace parts, focusing on a life span that is as long as possible – without any downtime. This is of great importance in terms of couriering and logistics – in terms of both human resources and spare parts.

Patriotisk Selskab carries out business analyses for major agricultural companies, and offers its customers a unique business analysis. In addition to individual customers getting an overview of their finances, they can also measure their performance against their Danish competitors and globally, thanks to the large amounts of data Patriotisk Selskab collects and makes available. And this has made big data an asset to the company.

Read about more cases, and be inspired by data usage by our customers with ambitions regarding data.

what is big data?
read the definition here.

Big data is created constantly – everywhere! Big data is often perceived as being just as a large quantity of data, but there are in fact several parameters that apply to big data.

Basically, big data is characterised by the five Vs: Volume, Velocity, Veracity, Variety and Value. It thus involves everything from volume to the value of structured and unstructured data.

At Inspari we focus on value, because big data does not in itself provide value. Only when the purpose of using big data has been defined and the data has been structured and analysed comes the important knowledge that we can together make into genuine business value in your company. In other words, you can decode trends and patterns and find answers that only big data can help you with.


Companies often say they don't have big data, but when we talk about the data already available there is often a lot of value to be collected.

We can find big data in the following places:

  • Meters in the production system
  • Social media, e.g. Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Smartphone and tablet apps
  • Large volumes of transactions
  • Motors – in everything from cars to wind turbines



another approach
to big data

If we want to work on the potential of big data we need a rather different process and approach than we are used to with traditional data warehouses and business intelligence. Big data needs to be addressed using an exploratory approach whereby we explore data to find patterns and contexts that can be used commercially. The new approach makes new demands of our IT platform, which must not only make these tools available but must also be able to save the new types of data. At the same time the approach requires so-called data analysts or data scientists who can consider data using intuitive tools. Do you want to know what skills you should have as a data scientist – and hence the holder of the sexiest of jobs, as it has previously been dubbed?

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