BI strategy & 
road map
in the data-driven organisation


For the data-hungry business, a BI strategy and road map is the first stop when navigating the vast “expressway” of data-driven potential. While the BI strategy houses the overall goals, a road map allows you to prioritise your BI efforts over a period of time. At Inspari we help businesses take advantage of data-driven opportunities.

How data-hungry are you?

achieve your goals
with a unified strategy


In many businesses, the BI initiative first blooms in one particular department but fails to take root in the rest of the organisation while in other cases the initiative dies on the vine due to inconsistent strategic efforts across the organisation. Both of these cases can cause the business to fall short of its data-driven potential.

A unified BI strategy and well-designed road map paves the way for the organisation to zoom down a common path toward a data-driven culture centred around the organisation and optimal utilisation of data-driven opportunities.

create business development
by means of a strategy workshop

When our business consultants help organisations achieve a unified BI strategy & roadmap, this takes place using workshops. Together with you, we will create the basis for a unified BI strategy and a roadmap, ensuring coherence in the organisation’s strategic actions.

When you want to gear your organisation towards making the best possible use of data and making decisions about BI investments on an informed basis, you can ask yourself the following questions:


  • What is best practice?
  • What low-hanging fruit do we have?
  • Where do we start?
  • What resources do we need?
  • What will it cost?
  • How long will it take?


download guide
to get ready for tomorrow's BI

With this guide you'll get:

  • Five top tips on getting started
  • Use cases & inspiration from other companies
  • a wiki - what the terms mean

dear business
intelligence manager,
set the course for your team


Regardless of whether your business card says you’re a business intelligence manager, a BI strategy can set the course for work in the team. You will get a complete 360-degree overview of your business and situation, as well as answers to key strategic questions, e.g.:

  • How is my organisation geared towards utilisation of data?
  • How do we optimise this?
  • Is the current architecture ready for BI? How do I make it ready for this? Which analytics tool is the right one for us?
  • What should I do next so as to become more data-driven? And what about in a year’s time?
  • Who in my organisation can/will make my business more efficient and capable of making better decisions?
  • What fits/gaps do we have as regards utilising our data, and how can we change this? How do we spread the use of data and our analytical tools?

the price of
BI & strategy 

Use the money correctly
The price of a BI solution depends on a number of parameters, e.g. requirements, number of users, choice of front-end and level of ambition. With a BI strategy you can set the course for your BI solution, thereby obviating bad investments, because you know your objectives – and how to achieve them.

A procedure just for you
The price of a BI strategy programme thus also depends on your organisation’s complexity and size. We have implemented a large number of strategy programmes, and are therefore familiar with the steps we will take together. We can thus also put together a process to suit you and your organisation.