Tableau is a world-class front-end tool that provides you with insight into your business’s data. Whether you’re an analyst who works with data on Tableau Desktop or you’re one of a group of, e.g., 10,000 employees using web-based business intelligence and dashboards on Tableau Server, you and your co-workers can transform knowledge into value for your organisation.

business insight

Explore your data and let Tableau be your guide as you gain valuable insight into your data and share the results with the rest of your organisation with just a few clicks.


optimal accessibility

Use the device you work best on – whether it’s a PC or a Mac, an iPad or an Android Tablet.

intuitive, visual tools

Design your own amazing, user-friendly diagrams, dashboards, charts and much, much more – all with drag and drop functionality.

true self-service BI

Discover the limitless possibilities of self-service BI and design your own dashboards.

powerful collaboration

You’ll have endless opportunities for knowledge sharing since with just a few clicks, you can share your reports with your co-workers or outside stakeholders.

built-in best practices

Always represent your data visually in the best possible way, so you know you’re message is clearly received.


tableau desktop
provides data
insight in a flash

The easy-as-pie intuitive interface gives you the feeling that your data are right there in front of you. Easily communicate the results of your data to inside and outside stakeholders with effective visualisations. When your data are visualised, you can let your ambitions soar and tell your story in a powerful, impactful manner that creates new knowledge and real business value.

  • Simple, intuitive drag-and-drop user interface that makes it easy to work with Tableau.
  • There’s no limit to the volume of data you can work with.
  • Based on a broad selection of data and databases, e.g. Microsoft SQL, SAP BW, Google Analytics, Microsoft OLAP cubes, big data sources and much more.
  • Large community with input into the development of Tableau.

apply best practice
to your dashboards

See how you can provide your users with a great overview and insights into your data by using the correct graphs and visual effects.

this is why you’ll
love Tableau

With Tableau Server, you can quickly share your reports and dashboards with the rest of your organisation or outside stakeholders. In just 3 clicks, your visualisations are transferred from Tableau Desktop to Tableau Server, where they can quickly and easily be accessed from whatever device suits you best. You’ll really be sold on Tableau when you see how you can explore all the features yourself on any desktop, tablet or mobile phone.

New, improved options  –– dress up your dull, static reports with dynamic, visual dashboards. Your users will love it – and, as they say, what rains on the pastor drips on the parson!

No more waiting on the IT department  - Once the dashboard is created, only the data needs to be updated.


this is why you should
choose Inspari

We’re Northern Europe’s leading Tableau supplier – and we’re big proponents of the solution. Our dedicated customer base uses us for everything from best practice advice about visualisation and storytelling to infrastructure advice on Tableau Server to user adoption in their businesses.

Through our many projects, we’ve acquired considerable knowledge about the best way to implement and deploy Tableau in an organisation. When you purchase the solution from Inspari, you get access to our dedicated Danish support team and, above all else, our bright team of helpful specialists.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you get started.

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