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we take
data personally

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we take
data personally

Business Intelligence is much more than just data. It's about people making important decisions. That is why we take data personally. And so should you.

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siemens wind powersiemens
wind power

Valuable data was literally blowing in the wind as Siemens sought out to transform single wind turbine data to hands-on knowledge.

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nic. christiansen groupnic.

In the turmoil of the financial crises, Business Intelligence not only became a safety net for Nic. Christiansen Group – but a launch pad for further growth.

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ammeraal beltechammeraal

A global Business Intelligence solution helped Ammeraal Beltech align business across borders – and analyse data across the value chain.

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about Inspari
trust & experience

We are a dedicated Business Intelligence consultancy with industry-leading knowledge about Performance Management and Microsoft-based Business Intelligence solutions.

Through passionate employees and proven solutions, we optimise businesses and people, and we work diligently to help our customers go from data to knowledge – and from knowledge to value.

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Partner Power is a global partner network that specializes in deploying Microsoft Dynamics solutions across multiple countries, sites and cultures. Inspari delivers Business Intelligence to the network and our alliance with Partner Power ensures safety, quality and international power behind any global implementation.

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make it simple

Qlikview is a prime example why Business Intelligence is no longer for the few. User-friendly interfaces, easy implementation and award-winning technology are making business discovery a household concept in progressive companies worldwide.

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make it fast

Tableau is world-class Business Intelligence visualisation in the palm of your hands. Whether you need one analyst to explore data or thousands working on web-based Business Intelligence, Tableau is your preferred choice.

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make it easy

Our solutions are all based on the market-leading Microsoft platform. This enables us to deliver complete enterprises regardless of company size – and to tailor each solution to fit your specific challenge.

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